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Image credit: Flickr, Alex Healing

'Robot Wars' is returning to BBC Two

Get ready for another six episodes of robot mayhem.
Image Credit: Flickr, Alex Healing

We can't believe it either. The carnage of Robot Wars is coming back to BBC Two, promising "more battles and more science" as a new batch of tinkerers duke it out for the show's coveted title. The TV competition first aired in 1998 before being shifted to BBC Choice in 2001 and later to TV rival Channel 5. While the specifics of the new format haven't been detailed, the BBC says viewers can expect better robots and "a raft of technological advancements." Part of that will be a new arena in Glasgow that's "literally bullet proof" and lets spectators get closer to the action.

Engadget's editors have fond memories of the show, especially the house robots Matilda, Sergeant Bash and Sir Killalot. While much of its appeal came from the inevitable destruction, it was also interesting to watch the teams develop and refine their strategies. Flipping robots became popular after the success of combatants such as Firestorm and Chaos 2, for instance. After so many years, we're curious to see if the BBC can recapture that magic, while also updating the format for a new generation.

Any chance of getting Craig Charles back as the presenter too?

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