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Archaeologists have new tools that make it easy to scan artifacts

...and put the digitized pieces together.

A European Union-funded project called "Presious" could make a modern Indiana Jones' tasks easier even if they're operating with tiny budgets. See, the initiative is currently developing a number of software tools they can use to scan artifacts. The first one can be used to scan stone objects and estimate their erosion patterns, while the second one treats scanned fragments like 3D puzzles and pieces them together. Finally, the third tool can fill in gaps in symmetrical objects if some of their pieces couldn't be found.

According to the European Union, these tools' capabilities are made possible by the development of predictive scanning. That technique taps into existing repositories of digitized archaeological finds to predict erosion patterns, missing pieces' shapes and broken fragments' fits. The best thing about these tools is that archaeologists will be able to download them for free once development is done this January 2016.

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