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It's now a little easier to organize your horribly messy Google Drive

Google has added some better tools for search and shared files.

It's been a while since Google officially launched Drive, its answer to OneDrive, Dropbox and the like. And if you're anything like me, your virtual Drive is getting a bit unruly and disorganized, just like back in the day when stored files directly on our computers (how quaint!). As such, Google has periodically introduced new tools to make organizing and finding your Drive files a little easier, and they're releasing a new batch today.

Probably the most useful new addition to Drive is the ability to move files that pop up in search into folders, regardless of where they're located. So if you're using search to find files saved in Drive and want to actually put them in folder so they don't get lost again, this new tool will make that a lot easier.

There are also a few new options for dealing with files that have been shared with you that aren't necessarily saved to your Drive. When you're looking at a file preview, there's now a button added to the top bar that lets you save to your Drive and move it to whatever folder you want. And when you're browsing through your shared documents and files, there's a persistent button that lets you add them to your own Drive. It's not an earth-shattering change, but it should be a little bit easier to manage your horribly messy Google Drive now. The changes should be rolling out to all users today.

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