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Oscar de la Hoya to launch free boxing channels on the web

They'll feature live and on-demand content.

Ever since he retired from professional boxing, Oscar de la Hoya's turned into one of the most powerful people in the sport. Now, as the CEO and founder of Golden Boy Promotions, a firm that represents boxers and sets up fights, de la Hoya is looking to bring boxing into the connected age. That's why the 10-time world champion is teaming up with FilmOn, an internet TV service, on two streaming channels scheduled to launch by the end of January. Per Variety, these are expected to feature live and on-demand content, and both are going to be available for viewers at no cost.

The Golden Boy Channel will have 2,000 hours of all-things-Oscar-de-la-Hoya, such as replays of his memorable matches against Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Fernando Vargas (pictured above) and many more. Ring Channel, on the other hand, plans to stream live boxing matches from Golden Boy Promotions Fight Club in Los Angeles. Oh, and did we mention you won't have to pay to watch?

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