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UberX can pick you up from Los Angeles International Airport

Starting tomorrow, you can use Uber's cheapest option for a ride away from LAX.

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Lyft may have beaten Uber to the punch on offering ridesharing pickups from Los Angeles International Airport, but its lead will be short lived. As of January 21st at 8AM local time, you can order an UberX car to pick you up at LAX, not just drop you off. Previously, you had to spring for a pricier Uber tier (or go to the competition) to get a ride at the end of that long business trip. Do be prepared to hoof it and possibly endure a wait, though.

The new option is the result of negotiations that limit just where and how ridesharing firms can operate. You'll have to get an UberX at either the upper departures or lower arrivals areas, away from where UberBlack and taxis operate. Also, drivers for both Lyft and Uber have to sit in a holding zone (with no more than 40 drivers each) until they're hailed. And to rub a little salt in the wound, there's also a $3.85 airport fee.

Even so, this should be a big deal. As the LA Times notes, LAX is the busiest airport on the western US coast. One more ride choice could alleviate some serious bottlenecks, even for travelers who prefer cabs. Also, like in many major cities, a trip downtown by taxi can be expensive. You can typically expect to save $20, which could easily add up if you go through LAX multiple times a year.

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