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Google adds chat-like commenting to Sheets and Slides on your phone

Commenting in the Google Docs app is getting the same update, as well.

Over the last year or so, Google has put a focus on making the phone and tablet versions of its productivity suite up to par with the web versions. The latest new feature Google's rolling out around that mission is a revamped commenting experience in Docs, Sheets and Slides for Android and iOS. For starters, Google is adding mobile commenting to the latter two apps -- it launched in Docs last year, but was absent from Sheets and Slides until today.

The actual experience of using comments on your mobile device has been revamped a bit, as well. It's a lot more like chat, something that makes sense for a mobile doc. When you're collaborating and make a new comment, it's easier to add people that you've shared the document with (or people in your organization, if you're using Google Apps at work). Just start typing a name and it'll auto-complete with the email address of whoever you want to add to the comment thread. It's nothing groundbreaking, but given how much competition Google is getting from Microsoft on the mobile documents front, anything it can do to make the experience better for users is a smart move.

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