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Photo contest awards $10,000 for finding 'everyday heroes'

Finalists in the 'Life is Strange' sweepstakes will have their work signed by developer Dontnod, too.

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Attention class, it's time to get your submissions ready for Mr. Jefferson's "Everyday Heroes" photo contest. Well, not really, but Life is Strange publisher Square Enix is bringing the sweepstakes from its tale of a time-traveling teen into the real world. Unlike in the game, you aren't competing for a trip to San Francisco to showcase your work. Here you're vying for a $10,000 scholarship while you hopefully "discover and capture how normal people make the world a better place," as a post on the Square Enix blog puts it.

The team at Dontnod will print, frame and sign a trio of finalist's photos, in addition to sharing them across Square Enix's social accounts. The rules state there's only one grand prize winner taking home the $10,000 earmarked for art school tuition, art classes or art supplies (at the winner's discretion), however. What's more, you've only got one shot at your chance for glory. So maybe the Polaroid of the blue butterfly you saw land in the girl's bathroom at Blackwell Academy may not be the best option. But, you might want to hurry considering the contest is only open through February 16th of this year.

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