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Watch the Coast Guard train in this 360-degree video

You may want to get your VR headset for this.

Disney has just released a cool promo video for its upcoming film The Finest Hours, and you'll likely want to watch it using a VR headset if you have one. The House of Mouse captured the Coast Guard doing training drills in Los Angeles on a 360-degree camera provided by a company called 360Heros. It then posted the final product on the film's Facebook page to take advantage of the social network's 360 video feature. By the way, you can still enjoy the video even if you don't have a VR headset -- simply drag the picture with your mouse pointer to watch it from different perspectives.

The Finest Hours is based on the 1952 Coast Guard rescue of two oil tankers that were demolished by a storm off the Cape Cod coast. Two crews braved the winter cold to rescue 62 people, or almost all of the tankers' personnel.

Experience the open water with the U.S. Coast Guard in this 360 video inspired by The Finest Hours, in theaters Friday.

Posted by The Finest Hours on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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