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1Password for Android gets a redesign and fingerprint unlock

You'll need Android 4.1 and up to be able to install the update.

1Password has pushed out an update for Android devices at last, and it brings huge changes to the app. The password manager will look like a brand new application the moment you upgrade to version 6, thanks to its Material Design makeover. Every section looks cleaner and more spacious. Plus, there are now toolbars everywhere, along with language's familiar floating button that gives you a way to quickly add new URL-password combinations.

The app's upgrades aren't just skin deep, though: if you have an Android device with a fingerprint sensor such as the Nexus 5X or 6P running Android Marshmallow, you can quickly unlock 1Password. Simply launch it and scan a finger to skip typing in your master password. Finally, version 6 comes with the beta version of 1Password for Teams. It's a useful feature whenever you want to share log-ins with family or co-workers, so you can all access any account needed for the project you're working on. You can even quickly add a team account by using the built-in QR code reader.

Password managers are a great way to ensure you're using a unique password for all your online accounts. If you haven't used one before and would like to give 1Password a try, note that version 6 will only work for Android 4.1 or newer. The app itself is free, but you'd have to pay for premium features, such as being able to add an unlimited number of log-ins and to edit existing ones.

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