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Samsung to launch Public Safety LTE in Korea

First responders can use it to access videos and HQ images quickly.

Samsung's plans of using its strong LTE technology for emergency services are taking shape. The Korean company has revealed that it's providing the infrastructure and devices for the country's Public Safety LTE network. People will be able to use the connection during emergency situations, and first responders can connect to it to download videos and high-resolution images of the location they're going to. They could, for instance, tap into the network to check if flooded areas can still be reached by land. Samsung claims that when it launches, it'll be the "first live PS-LTE network in the world using the 3GPP telecommunications standard."

As we mentioned in the past, 3GPP is an international group of telecommunications bodies that hash out network standards (GPRS, 3G and LTE). Samsung's PS-LTE will initially be accessible in Seoul, since that's where the main control center is. It will then expand in stages, starting with the Gangwon province after its initial rollout this year, until it becomes a nationwide presence in 2017.

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