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Add Cinemax to your Sling TV lineup for $10 a month

The TV service for cord cutters adds Cinemax's library of movies and shows.
Billy Steele
02.11.16 in AV

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Sling TV customers could already add HBO to their streaming lineups, and now the service for cord cutters is adding another premium network. Cinemax is now available on Sling TV, bringing its library of movies and original series to the service for $10 a month. As part of that fee, you'll be privy to both live and on-demand content, the latter being the same stuff you'd find on Max Go. And there's all that After Dark entertainment, too. The main subscription costs $20 per month on its own, so if you want both HBO and Cinemax, you're looking at a $45 monthly fee.

Should you choose to opt in, you can catch up on shows like The Knick starring Clive Owen, Banshee and catch the upcoming Quarry and Outcast. Cinemax also debuts new movies on the regular, so there's sure to be new stuff to watch when the urge hits. At $10/month, Cinemax is a cheaper add-on than HBO ($15/month), but the extra dough is a price to pay for Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and lots more. If you want to add Cinemax to your Sling TV subscription, you can do so now, and it's available on all devices the service supports.

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