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ICYMI: Spacey HoloLens use, spy submarines and more

This sub will autonomously follow potential attackers or maybe find the Loch Ness monster.

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Today on In Case You Missed It: DARPA is about to start testing an autonomous submarine called Sea Hunter, designed to find and trail larger submarines for weeks at a time.

NASA is using HoloLens technology to communicate with other scientists in different locations. Using augmented reality and collaboration software, they can all look at project designs or challenges together.

A Samsung-backed startup is launching athletic shoes with pressure sensors inside that can track your posture and balance. It has a companion app to coach you through workouts because dumb shoes won't be enough anymore.

Nissan's new video demonstrates the company's parking assist feature with office chairs. Once someone claps, all the chairs return themselves to their proper tucked-in locations. It's cool to see but also sadly, most likely a stunt to promote actual cars.

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