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Microsoft has a slew of stability updates for the Surface

"Improves system stability" is the name of the game for the latest Surface Book and Surface Pro patches.

The myriad problems with Microsoft's Surface Book and its Surface Pro 4 tablet are well documented, and now we know what Redmond's definition of "quickly" is: A period of time no less than two months in length. The company has released a rash of updates to the devices that it says will help users get the most of the platform's power management options. There's a baker's dozen of them and the most common phrase among the listings is "improves system stability." That applies to everything from updates for audio drivers to the Surface Management Engine and a lot in between.

Microsoft's Panos Panay writes that the company is "committed to continuing to improve Surface" and will be pushing out even more updates in the future. This is all welcome news, but is it going to win back the customers who've (justifiably) already returned their devices over these issues?

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