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Six Apps to Keep You in a Positive Mindset

Erik Wilson

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Positivity. Most of us want to be happier and more positive, but it is often harder than it seems. The stresses of everyday life and the pressures from our jobs can all make staying optimistic and positive even more challenging. If you want to maintain a more positive mindset, then there are a number of ways that you can train yourself to think clearly, be happy and to surround yourself with more positivity. One of the best ways that you can maintain this way of thinking is to consider some positive thinking apps. Most of us keep our phones with us at all times anyways, so what better way to infiltrate your life with 24/7 positive thinking than with the right app?

1. iZen Garden 2
The iZen Garden 2 is a simple, yet effective app for iPhone and iPad that brings a little peace and positivity to your life. If you have ever used a real Zen garden then you know that raking the sand in these gardens can be very relaxing and soothing, but also very messy. iZen lets you take advantage of the peaceful process of raking a sandbox without the mess. You can add objects to the garden design or even add the sounds of forest life or ocean waves in the background to promote even more positive relaxation.

2. Live Happy

Want to live happy? This is the app for you. This simple app is design to help make people happier by using exercises from the University of California Riverside professor Sonja Lyubomirsky. This app is filled with different activities including helping you evaluate your goals, keep track of happy days, maintain a gratitude journal and remembering random acts of kindness. If you want to make your life a little happier, this is the app to help you do it - on iOS or on Android.

3. Pozify

Pozify is a free app for Android and iOS, and it's the only social networking platform in the world that rewards its users for promoting and spreading positivity. The app has something called Social Networking 3.0 which rewards users for spreading valuable, positive stories to others across the network. The goal is to create and spread real valuable content that is all about positivity. Log on to your app front page and start seeing the positive posts of everyone in your network. Plus, you can redeem mPOINTS for being positive that users can utilize to buy gift cards and products from major retailers -- or use the points to donate to charity.

4. iStress

Stress is one of the biggest things that can prevent positivity. When we are stressed, it is hard to think clearly, let alone positively. This is where iStress comes in. This app will help you relieve stress by providing you with access to inspirational poems, encouraging quotes, jokes and more. There is also a feature that lets you rate your feelings as a way to track and manage your stress.

5. Moodscope App

If you want to take control of your mood and be more positive, then the Moodscope desktop app is for you. This program helps you measure your mood and helps you score your mood so you can see what causes your ups and downs. The goal of this program is to learn how to help you deal with your moods and how to avoid bad moods. It is filled with positive, mood-boosting features and can help bring some much needed positivity and optimism to your life.

6. Positive Thinking App

The Positive Thinking app is designed to help people receive positive re-enforced messages and stay motivated to reach their daily goals. This Android app features a positivity stream from the app's positivity blog, affirmation lists, and the program even sends you positive and inspirational quotes to help you stay on task. You can explore the app daily for new content, or sign up for the app's newsletter which is filled with information on personal development, positive thinking and visualizing your goals.

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