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Snapchat lenses help you celebrate your birthday (or a pal's)

The new lenses only work work on that special day.

Social networks have made it way easier to remember friends' birthdays, and now they're trying to help us create less boring greetings. Facebook, for instance, just launched 15-second birthday videos, and now Snapchat has introduced a pair of "birthday party" lenses in its latest update. The first one works on your own special day, and let's you post confetti-laced greetings to friends or your own timeline (above). The other one works on a pal's birthday, and lets you double-tap to add a cake emoji to any greeting you send their way. The update should arrive today, but if you still find those too impersonal, you could always splurge on another new Snapchat feature: Custom geofilters.

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