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Google Photos gets some much-needed editing tools

You can tweak multiple photos at once and set an exact crop ratio.

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When Google broke Photos out from Google+, there were a lot of benefits -- a canny search algorithm, unlimited storage for compressed photos and more. One thing that got lost, however, was the Snapseed-based photo editing tool in G+ that gave users a decent option to Adobe's Photoshop (Snapseed is still available as a standalone Android app, though). In the latest web-based version of Photos, Google has made some much-needed improvements to the editing tools.

For one thing, while you're making edits, you can move between images and the system will save any changes. When you're ready, you just have to hit "Done" or "Revert to Original" if you decide not to keep the tweaks. There's also a new aspect ratio selector that lets you crop exactly to the original size, square, 4:3 or 16:9. So far, the tweaks haven't appeared in the Photos smartphone apps, but it seems like a no-brainer that they'll arrive there soon.

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