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Play Cupid on Tinder by sharing profiles with your friends

Tinder is testing out a new matchmaking functionality.

Tinder is slowly rolling out the option to share other people's profiles with friends via text messaging. A small number of users will spot a "share" icon under some profiles -- tapping it lets you send a temporary link to that profile via text. The links expire after 72 hours or five clicks, and the person who receives it can then swipe right on the profile as he or she sees fit.

There is, of course, an option to keep your profile un-sharable; find that in the app's Discovery Settings.

Ostensibly, this is all so you can show your friends people they might be into, though surely it'll be used to gossip about all of the surprising folks you see on Tinder -- like Lindsey Lohan, Katy Perry or Ashton Kutcher, for example. That said, this may be a good time for people who shouldn't be on Tinder to update their privacy settings (or delete the app for good, you right-swiping scoundrels).

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