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'Thumper' might just be the most intense VR game yet

And it's coming to PlayStation VR.

Pretty much the first question I asked after playing the Thumper demo last year was "are you doing VR support?" Many months later, an answer has emerged: it's coming to PlayStation VR.

Described as a "rhythm hell" game, Thumper is a bit like Audiosurf but much, much, much more extreme. In it you'll change lanes to avoid obstacles and slide around tight corners, all at break-neck speed. It was already an intense experience on a regular screen but, as the video below will show, it's going to be crazy in VR.

Thumper, just like PlayStation VR itself, is scheduled simply for "2016." Sony's holding a PSVR event next Tuesday, where we hope to get pricing and a release date for the headset. Once that happens, developers will be able to reveal the precise scheduling of their VR games.

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