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Sony's h.ear wireless headphones ship April 12th for $350

There's a handful of other h.ear devices arriving in the coming weeks, too.
Billy Steele, @wmsteele
03.15.16 in AV

Back at CES, Sony unveiled a full portable audio line under the "h.ear" brand. Despite a range of headphones, a speaker and even a new Walkman, the over-ear wireless headphones were the highlight of the bunch. Officially labeled the "h.ear on wireless" (MDR-100ABN), the headphones pack in Bluetooth with LDAC for higher quality audio, quick NFC pairing, DSEE tech for a fuller sound and Beat Response Control for better bass reproduction. I tried them myself in Vegas and they sound quite good and are plenty comfy, making Sony's latest wireless headphones worth a look. The noise-cancelling cans are going on sale March 27th for $350 and they'll ship April 12th.

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The so-called h.ear line also features wireless in-ear that offer some of the same audio tech as the over-ear model. The "h.ear in wireless" (MDR-EX750BT) also go on sale on the 27th at a price of $200 and are set to ship March 29th. If a wireless speaker is what you're after, the h.ear line has one of those, too. The "h.ear go wireless" (SRS-HG1) supports high-res playback in a compact package and can connect to your devices via Google Cast and Spotify Connect. With a pending software update that's due this summer, you can use Sony's SongPal app build a multi-room audio setup -- if you're willing to splurge for more than one of the $200 speakers or some other Sony audio gear. The h.ear go wireless is on sale now, and it's set to ship April 13th.

Lastly, there are two Walkmans to round out the bunch. First, the NW-A26HN sports the same eye-popping colors as the rest of the h.ear line with support for high-res audio. You can pre-order one now for $320 ahead of the April 4th ship date. If you're serious about that audiophile habit, you may want to consider the NW-ZX100HN Walkman. At $700, Sony touts it as "he world's first high-res noise cancelling digital music player," complete with lossless playback support. The company is offering something for everyone with the h.ear line, it's just a matter of deciding ahead of the devices' arrival in a few weeks.

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