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Leaked T-Mobile doc reveals it's launching data-only plans

Well, okay, they're data plans with unlimited text messaging.

T-Mobile is preparing to launch six new Simple Choice plans on March 30th, according to a leaked image obtained by TmoNews. Based on the info in the image that we've embedded below the fold, these upcoming plans are tailored for subscribers who rely on VoIP and chat apps or who only ever use their phones to go online and text. They're data-only plans that come with unlimited text messages, see, and they have absolutely no voice minutes included.

Rates start at $20 for 2GB of data up to $95 for a 22GB data bucket. The regular Simple Choice rates start at $50 for 2GB, though T-Mobile has a prepaid plan that costs $30 for 5GB of data, 100 minutes of voice and unlimited text. These options are only available for subscribers with GSM devices and BlackBerry users who have either a BB10 device or a Priv, which runs on Android. We pinged T-Mobile for confirmation, but if it's true that these plans are launching on the 30th, we'll hear about it from the carrier itself very, very soon.

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