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Uber wants to offer help entirely within its app

You won't have to send email when your ride goes awry.

Uber's ridesharing service is good when it works, but getting help for it can be a mess -- just ask anyone who has botched a payment or tried to get a refund. Thankfully, though, the company isn't deaf to your complaints. It's moving all of its customer support into the app, sparing you from firing off an email and the occasional back-and-forth while the help team tries to clarify the problem. The new, messaging-focused approach should save time by eliminating a lot of the guesswork. In test runs, Uber says more customers have been getting solutions within the first response.

The fresh approach is only in testing in a few parts of the US (including New York City) at the moment. However, Uber has much bigger plans: it'll eventually replace email support worldwide. When that happens, the company will automate both some common solutions (such as refunding the cancellation fee) and connecting you to the right representative when a human is necessary. Ideally, this saves headaches on both sides and makes sure that a rough trip isn't so bad that you give up on Uber entirely.

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