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Comcast deal lets you buy 'Star Wars' from your set-top box

An agreement with Disney brings its movies to Xfinity TV.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
04.06.16 in AV

It's not that hard to get Star Wars: The Force Awakens through digital sources, but Comcast doesn't want to be left out. It just struck a deal that brings Disney's movies to the Xfinity TV store, both online and from your TV proper -- if you want to watch the adventures of Rey and Finn from your set-top box, you can. Only The Force Awakens is available right away, but Comcast will fill out the catalog over the "coming weeks."

On top of that, Comcast hopes to be a good digital citizen. It's eventually joining Disney Movies Anywhere, so anything you get from Xfinity TV will go into a unified digital locker (and vice versa). While there's no time frame for when that will happen, it's good news if you'd like that copy of Inside Out to be as accessible as possible.

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