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Shuddle shuts down its 'Uber for kids' transportation service

The company cites a lack of funding as the reason it's closing.

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Shuddle's ride-sharing service offered parents a way to get their kids safely to school, sports practices and other commitments. However, it seems the company wasn't able to attract enough financial support to keep it afloat. Shuddle sent an email to customers and drivers yesterday informing them that the service would shut down today, April 15th. For over two years, the company touted safe and reliable transportation for children via its family-focused ride-sharing service.

"We worked hard to find the financial resources that would allow us to continue to grow, but ultimately could not raise the funding required to continue operations," the letter explained.

In 2014, Shuddle received a cease and desist letter from California regulators for failing to register with TrustLine, a company that runs background check for adults working closely with children. Reports surfaced last year that the company had yet to take action, despite CEO Nick Allen's assurances that its own background checks "exceed current requirements."

"We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and support as passengers and drivers, and wish we could have continued to work with you longer," Shuddle posted on its website. "We sincerely hope that other family rideshare services can continue successfully on the path that Shuddle helped forge so that families, schools and community organizations continue to receive this much-needs support."

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