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Laser Sawing beams New Horizon In Diamond Cutting

Amit Sen

Diamond, the best friend of women & the most coveted of all gems, has been doing the rounds for billions of years now. The precious stone carries an unmatched sparkling glory and speak of invaluable emotions attached to it. For ages, it was the diamond saw that was manually used by diamond cutters to cut out the most splendid chunk of the stone- later to be used on panoramic necklaces or earrings or solitaires. However, the modern diamond cutting industry speaks of a whole new trend of cutting the stone with laser technology that has proved to saw the beauty more precisely and faster, saving a great deal of both time & money for the cutter.

The advanced laser saw machines are software-based units where laser beam is used to cut the rough diamonds. Once a rough diamond is set on it, the machine renders a 3D imagery presentation of the diamond regarding its potential shape, weight & clarity once it will come out polished from the machine. Cutting edge software embedded in the laser unit enables one to choose the gem's shape, based on elimination of the inclusions & also shows the market value of the final product onscreen. Next, the sawing & banding percentage and number of diamond sides are fixed and finally the operator will click on a button to commence the laser sawing. These advanced units can take care of both shaping & blocking along with sawing.

Given their highly precise & accurate sawing skills, these state of the art laser sawing machines have proved to reduce the common human mistakes while diamond cutting to almost nil. Moreover, they have even reduced material loss in times of cutting to 1 percent compared to 8 percent material loss common with conventional practices.

Diamond sawing with laser beams is fast catching up across the global diamond market today. As per a recent report, the world leader in diamonds, De Beers, lately announced about acquisition of around 33.4 % equity in Swiss laser micro-jet diamond cutting machine manufacturer Synova.

"This transaction is a step towards De Beers' mission to develop technologies which would support & enhance long term valuation of diamonds Synova's innovative technology will help diamantaires to assure higher yields & lessen risks of damage along with easier processing & quicker cutting time", noted De Beers.

Added to faster processing & cutting, the advanced laser machines are a bliss for diamonds with distortion such as twinning or graining. "Distorted diamonds are impossible to be shaped up by conventional diamond cutting saws. But with the edgy laser machines, distorted diamonds can be dealt with easily within just a few hours", remarked online jewelry platform 24 Diamonds.

Winding up, laser diamond cutting further helps in the production of a wide range of fancy shapes like oil wells, horseheads, butterflies, stars and what not.

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