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Atari has 'Missile Command' and 'Centipede' movies in the works

Because being original is hard.

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Atari just won't give up the dream of bringing its iconic gaming properties to the big screen. Back in 2010 we heard the company was shopping a Missile Command movie around Hollywood. It even set up the project with Fox in 2011 -- but that appears to have gone nowhere. Now, Deadline is reporting that Atari is partnering with Emmet/Furla/Oasis films for Missile Command and Centipede films. The idea might seem crazy, but let's not forget that we recently lived through a big budget adaptation of Battleship.

Paradoxically, an existing brand, even one that hasn't been culturally relevant for decades, is far more tempting to Hollywood studios than something original. Never mind that it'll be pretty tough to form a coherent narrative out of something like Centipede, a game that involve shooting endless waves of bugs.

I wouldn't fret too much about these projects, though. Given how much trouble Atari has had with getting Missile Command made, there's a good chance neither of these adaptations will ever see the light of day.

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