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SpaceX's next rocket launch and landing is just minutes away

Update: The landing is a success, SpaceX's third sea landing in a row and fourth successfully returned rocket.

Another sunny day in Florida, another launch and potential landing on a droneship for SpaceX. This time the company is launching the Thaicom 8 communications satellite, and the launch windows is just minutes away from opening. Naturally, you can watch the whole thing via livestream, either with hosts or without. SpaceX has a couple of successful missions under its belt now, but today's landing is said to be a "very hot and fast first-stage reentry."

Update: And we have a successful liftoff!

Update 2: And...yet another successful landing! The rocket is back on earth, standing on the I Still Love You droneship. The video feed dropped out just as the rocket came in, but came back just after the rocket touched down. That makes three successful sea landings in a row for SpaceX, while also launching cargo to orbit.

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