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Six gadgets that let you cook with sunlight

One of them lets you bake bread outdoors.
06.04.16 in Green

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Barbecue season has begun in the United States, and folks are dusting off their charcoal and propane grills for the first time in months to welcome the warmer weather. However, outdoor cooks have another option -- if they're adventurous enough to try cooking with the power of the sun. The concept of a solar ovens isn't new; in fact, it's probably quite ancient. But technological advancements made it possible to increase efficiency and make it easier to cook without traditional fuel. There are high-tech options field tested in remote terrain, a tubular solar cooker that reaches 550 Farenheit within just a few minutes, and even a super hot "death ray" that could have produced some tasty results, if it hadn't self-destructed.

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