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Roku puts your laptop in control of movie night

The updated Windows 10 app is ready for touchscreen, mouse or voice control.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
06.24.16 in AV

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Roku already had a Windows 8 remote control app for phones and tablets, but to keep up with the times it's released a new Windows 10 version. Aimed at tablets and laptops, it makes controlling your Roku player as easy as tapping the screen or clicking a mouse. Like Roku's apps on Android and iOS, you can pop open channels, control playback, search for content or easily play photos and music from your computer to the TV. It's a universal Windows app, but at least for now there's no word on a new version for Windows phones. That said, it does have Cortana support, so even if your hands are otherwise occupied, voice control is also an option -- grab it from the Windows Store for free here.

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