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Recommended Reading: Life lessons from Mario

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Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Mario is living the
American dream

Rob Harvilla,
The Ringer

This week The Ringer has been discussing that unique group of people and things that we can all agree are enduring and iconic parts of culture. We're talking the likes of Google Maps, Woz and The Rock -- all on the list, by the way. One particular selection caught my eye: Mario. Yes, the Nintendo Mario. When you stop and think about it, that plumber can teach us a lot about life.

The tumbler Tumblr
Elspeth Reeve, New Republic

This is an interesting look at how bloggers and podcasters are changing the way gymnastics is covered, and they're doing so from a fan's perspective. Consider it your Olympic primer.

Instagram's Kevin Systrom, unfiltered
Alexandra Wolfe, Wall Street Journal

The filter-driven photo and video app's CEO chats about the past, present and future of his visual social network, including how Instagram has some things in common with the printing press.

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