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Play 'Guacamelee' and 'Severed' in one bundle on your PS Vita

The Drinkbox Vita Collection will include three big games when it arrives on July 13th.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
07.11.16 in AV

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If you scored a good deal on a PlayStation Vita and aren't sure how to get started on game shopping, Drinkbox might have the answer. The developer is launching a bundle, the simply-titled Drinkbox Vita Collection, that includes all three of its Vita games (Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Guacamelee and Severed) plus Guacamelee's DLC add-ons. You may not be all that familiar with Mutant Blobs unless you tried it during the Vita's early days, but this is otherwise a great introduction to some classic handheld gaming -- it's hard to top Guacamelee's lucha libre-inspired 2D action, and Severed puts a very surreal twist on the concept of a first-person dungeon crawler. Drinkbox hasn't yet said how much its bundle will cost, but it'll likely be modest when it shows up on July 13th.

Update 7/13: The bundle is available for $25, which isn't too shabby for three titles.

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