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Top 6 Tips That Define Best Cloud Storage Providers

Amit Sen

Cloud storage, undoubtedly, is the order of the day when it comes to data storage & security now. Your data is no doubt one of the most important pillars of your business and thus it calls for premium storage solutions. Yes, you have them backed up locally- but what about if there is a disk crash or a fire accident in your office? Well, your local data backup is never sufficient in such extreme situations and a cloud storage is the only viable alternative here. Moreover, cloud storage enables you to access your data files from anywhere in the world, anytime, provided there is an internet connection.

Now, the rising popularity of cloud storage has led to the mushroom growth of cloud storage providers around but there is a catch- not every such provider would be "the solution" for you. Here are the top 6 tips that I always suggest to check out while you are looking out for a credible cloud storage company.

  1. Know your needs
There are diverse cloud storage services on offer today and hence you must get your needs sorted first, prior to choosing your cloud service provider. Is a basic cloud data storage okay for you? Or you also need help with IT-networking infrastructure complemented with on-demand accession to the virtual servers, software & applications? Sorting out your cloud storage needs is primary here.
  1. How safe?
It is vital to check how safe your chosen cloud vendor's data centers are. Make sure to ask the company beforehand whether it would be able to protect your critical data from damaging natural disasters such as floods, fires, storms & earthquake? How about protection from thieves? What I always suggest here is to check whether your cloud vendor carries a SSAE 16 (Standards for attestation Engagements 16) certification? The certification assures that the vendor's data, systems & products are in perfect compliance with industry standards – in terms of customer access & privacy, physical security of data center as well as data redundancy.
  1. Solid encryption
Security is always a major concern when it comes to your data and hence it's best to go for a cloud storage provider who can guarantee solid encryption. The chosen vendor must assure a 2-way encryption- one when your data would be uploaded to your vendor's system & another when the data would be stored in the company's system. Do not ever compromise here.
  1. Free trial
Your cloud storage provider would be going to be your life-long ally as the company would be dealing with your business data on a regular basis. It's going to be a huge investment here, both in terms of money and trust. Thus, it's important to check out whether the company is ready to offer a free trial facility so that you can check its potential before investing your hard-earned money into it.
  1. Check the pricing structure
You must always check the pricing structure of your cloud storage vendor finalizing the deal. By pricing, I am not referring to head for the cheapest option available, rather how the pricing model woks with your vendor. Do not go for a vendor that asks you for big upfront costs. It's best to take to a company which has come up with pay-as-you-go pricing scheme so that you can add on services along the way as you need- and are not forced to settle with a hefty package when you don't need such an extensive assistance.
  1. Strong customer support
Then, yes, the chosen cloud storage provider must be able to assure you 24/7 customer care service online or through phone.

Wrapping up

Finally, it's a must that you check out the expert reviews and ratings on cloud storage providers online. A comparative study is a must before you make any investment and such reviews will help you with a breezy survey.

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