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Soon you can have your student loans serviced through Amazon

Wells Fargo and the retail giant are teaming up to offer discounted rates.

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Amazon is the best place to shop for Star Trek: The Original Series on Blu-ray at 3 AM as well as a pallet of Surge to down while watching at the same time (not that I've done this.) But soon enough it will also be the same place you can apply for student loans.

Through a partnership with Wells Fargo, Amazon is making its debut in the private student loan business by offering a 0.5 percent interest rate discount to all members of Prime Student. The special discount program for students is offered to college attendees at a lower rate than regular Prime. If you're currently going through Wells Fargo for your own student loans, you can take advantage of the upcoming deal for new loans and loan refinancing as well.

This isn't the company's first foray into the world of loans, but it will be the first when it comes to the educational realm. If this is something that interests you and college is in your future, you can go ahead and sign up for Prime Student, which will run you $49 a year in contrast to the regular program's $99 price tag.

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