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Facebook collects your best birthday wishes in new recap videos

We'll take any excuse to extend our birthday celebrations.

Facebook is already the hub for online birthday wishes from people you haven't seen in person since the late 90s, but the site isn't done celebrating your special day once the clock strikes midnight. Facebook has rolled out Birthday Recap Videos, a 45-second collection of the top wall posts you received on your birthday, including photos and text comments, that appears in your News Feed the following day.

The video features a colorful cake that opens up to reveal the posts and you're able to edit the included comments before sharing the whole thing with the wider online world, if you so wish. In order to see a Birthday Recap Video, you'll need to receive three or more Facebook posts or photos on your big day.

Whatever Facebook has been doing recently, whether that's new birthday videos or a lightweight Android app for emerging markets, it's working: The company just enjoyed one of its most successful quarters, racking up $2.05 billion in profit with 1.71 billion monthly active users. Happy day, indeed.

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