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AT&T is raising data caps to 1TB for U-verse subscribers only

DSL subscribers, keep dealing with 150GB per month.
Lisa Poole / AP Photo

Folks who have signed up for AT&T's U-verse service, your data ship has come in: The telecom is increasing your data cap to 1TB per month and providing unlimited home internet data at no additional charge to customers subscribing to its GigaPower 1Gbps service. But those still using their DSL services will see no benefit and remain capped at 150GB per month.

That terabyte limit applies to every account holder, unlike last May's increases, which boosted ceilings up to 300MB, 600MB, and 1TB depending on speed tier. Only the fastest, at 1Gbps, gets unlimited home data.

But the telecom's kept its sweetheart deal introduced a few months ago to dissuade cord-cutters, offering the limitless data to patrons who pay for both their DirecTV or U-verse TV and internet on the same bill. Nothing has changed for all other account holders, who can get access by paying an additional $30 fee. Similarly, overage fees remain at $10 per 50GB beyond the cap, to a maximum of $100 per month.

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