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Nucleus is an Alexa-enabled touchscreen intercom

'Alexa, should I get a $249 intercom?'

Most people have smartphones and tablets (sometimes, in multiples) these days and don't actually need an intercom. But if you're looking for one and want something more feature-packed than your typical walkie-talkie-like variants, you may want to check out Nucleus. It's a touchscreen tablet/intercom that comes integrated with Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa and its many voice commands. You know how you can ask Alexa through Amazon Echo to add eggs to your grocery list, tell you the weather forecast or play Prime Music/iHeartRadio/TuneIn? Well, you can do all those with Nucleus, as well.

The company was able to integrate Alexa into its product after Amazon opened it up to developers and device makers last year. But the voice assistant isn't the device's only feature. You can use Nucleus not just to talk to people in your own home, but also to video call other households who have the device. Say, your elderly grandparents who just can't remember how to work Skype. Nucleus also has accompanying Android and iOS apps that you can use to access it when you're out. For instance, you can fire up the app to check on your kid's room, where the intercom serves as a baby monitor.

Nucleus was first showcased at CES 2015, and its creators started accepting pre-orders late last year. It will finally be available today through Amazon and Lowe's, which will sell it in 500 locations across the US and on its website. Take note that it might leave quite a big hole in your wallet: one will set you back $249, though you can get two for $199 each.

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