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Apple's Store app knows what you want and when it's in stock

Surprise! Tim Cook wants you to buy more things.
Ben Woods
08.05.16 in Mobile

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Apple's Store app (not to be confused with Apple's ​App​ Store) that provides info about its bricks-and-mortar retail locations adds a few decent features today, including knowing when your order is ready to pick up, for less in-store loitering time.

The update also adds the ability to recommend products that Apple thinks you'll like or would be useful based on the devices you already own (a little like a permanently up-selling salesperson in your pocket, let's just hope it's a useful one).

You might not have known that Apple Stores run workshops, but they do, and the Store app will flag any that are taking place at your nearest shop, let you see if something on your favourites is in stock and it'll even let you scan in-store items to check that they're compatible with the gear you've got at home.

The update's available to download now, but Apple does point out that only some of those features are available globally -- exactly which ones are available will depend on your location.

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