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LinkedIn debuts 'influencer' videos for interview tips and more

It's the first major change since being acquired by Microsoft.

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Video has become a big part of the business strategy for social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Now, LinkedIn is following a similar path by letting certain people share original videos on its platform. The new tool will only be available to over 500 "influencers" on LinkedIn, someone like the CEO or co-founder of a company. By letting you see these 30-second videos on your feed, LinkedIn says it hopes users can engage on a conversation about topics they're interested in, such as getting advice on how to get hired for a job.

As it stands, LinkedIn doesn't appear to have any plans to let everyone access this new feature, but that could change later on. Notably, this is the first major change to the social network since being acquired by Microsoft in June for $26.2 billion. And chances are there will be many more to come.

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