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'Rocket League' update brings grappling hooks and giant boots

Rumble mode promises to add some chaos to your game in September.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
08.08.16 in AV

Psyonix still isn't done finding ways to inject new life into Rocket League more than a year after it first hit the scene. It's introducing a Rumble mode that adds some welcome chaos to the vehicular sport through random power-ups. You can use a giant boot to kick players out of the way, a magnet to lure the ball to your car, or a grappling hook to draw yourself to the ball. There's even a tornado that will sweep up everything into a raging funnel cloud. Rumble will be free when it arrives in an update this fall, so it'll be easy to try if you find that your exhibition matches are becoming a little too predictable.

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