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Image credit: Blair Gable / REUTERS

US government wants you to grow weed for science

By which we mean actual medical research. 

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Blair Gable / REUTERS

Citizens hoping the US government would smile upon recent requests for deregulation, today is not your day: it will remain an illegal, schedule 1 controlled substance. But all is not lost, as the DEA announced it's allowing more organizations to grow and distribute marijuana -- just so long as it's for research purposes.

Previously, the only legal supplier of weed for scientific study was the University of Mississippi. Over 350 researchers are registered to legally examine marijuana effects, but only eight get shipments from the academic institution each year. Now, organizations can apply to the DEA to become a registered grower, which the government agency hopes will lead to more FDA-approved research on the drug's treatment potential. Coupled with the agency's rejection of two petitions to legalize weed, it's clear they want to heavily monitor every step from growth to lab.

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