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Evatran's aftermarket charger for your Tesla Model S is coming soon

Wireless charger company Evatran is shipping its Plugless product in the near future.
REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann/File Photo

EV charging company Evatran has been prepping its upcoming Plugless wireless charging system for release in the near future.

The product, which was previously available for pre-order for Tesla Model S owners, is about to start shipping. Plugless acts as a boon for drivers way creating a drive-up wireless charging pad to juice up the car itself.

Vehicle owners won't be responsible for doing this themselves, though. Plugless will use installers to add on a special module that's needed for the charging system to work, and it's all included in the entry price tag of $2,440 per system. It won't affect the car's warranty, and Plugless offers its own three-year warranty in the event anything goes south, so you're covered in the event any issues arise.

The charging kit can provide a minimum of 20 miles of juice per hour with a 7.2kW charging rate, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. The first installations will begin in a few weeks to a small group of those lucky enough to have pre-ordered. After that, more Model S owners will see a larger expansion this fall.

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