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This giant clock was made by driving 14 trucks in circles

It's just a shame they weren't autonomous.

When you're in the business of selling long-distance trucks, it makes a lot of sense to show off how far your vehicles can drive and demonstrate how reliable they can be. Instead of relying on real-world road tests and throwing a bunch of metrics in a specification sheet, Swedish automotive company Scania decided build a 750,000 square foot clock entirely made by 14 of its trucks. The end result is pretty impressive.

Scania took over an empty airport and had 90 pilots driving 24 hours straight to create the huge real-time clock. Great for marketing, I guess, but not the environment. Now, Scania is one of many vehicle makers developing self-driving trucks -- this stunt was just begging for a fleet of autonomous big rigs capable of handling that circular formation on their own.

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