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WhatsApp lets you doodle on photos and videos

It can't resist the urge to add a touch of Snapchat to your messages.

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Even a straightforward messaging service like WhatsApp isn't immune to the allure of adding Snapchat-style features. The Facebook-owned app is introducing the option to draw on photos and videos, including emoji. If you don't think that puppy photo is charming enough by itself, you can easily doodle on it to make your point. More interested in improving the quality of the shots themselves? Don't worry, you're getting a couple of upgrades as well.

The native WhatsApp camera now supports front-facing flashes, so you can take those nighttime self-portraits without turning to another app. And the Snapchat-like recording controls that made it into Instagram have spread to WhatsApp -- you can double-tap to switch between front and back cameras, and swiping up and down will zoom while you're capturing videos. You can check out all the new additions right away if you're using an Android device, and they should be coming to iOS "soon."

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