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Apple's Logic audio editor will use the MacBook Pro Touch Bar in 2017

It'll be a while before the pro creative tool can take advantage of your new laptop.

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David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar might already come in handy with video editing in Final Cut Pro X, but what if you're a musician? If you depend on Apple's Logic Pro X, you'll have to be patient. The company has informed an AppleInsider reader that Touch Bar support will arrive in the audio production tool "by early next year." It's not certain what's prompting the longer development process, but it wouldn't be surprising if it's a matter of complexity. It's not just a question of adding a timeline control and calling it a day -- Apple has to account for the many, many interface elements you need to produce album-worthy tracks.

Whatever the reason, the early 2017 window is a reminder that the MacBook Pro's functionality will take a while to become useful across a range of professional apps. Adobe, Algoriddim, Microsoft and other early partners will have Touch Bar support before 2016 is over, but it could be considerably longer before you can assume that your preferred creative software takes advantage of the new hardware.

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