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Image credit: Damon Lavrinc

Lucid Motors' super-secret car makes an appearance

The electric luxury sedan briefly visited the LA Auto Show.

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Damon Lavrinc

Automotive startup, Lucid Motors dropped by the LA Auto Show with its super-secret sedan today. Because it's electric and doesn't have a traditional engine taking up space, the company has designed the car to have a smaller footprint that a luxury sedan like the BMW 7-Series. But, boasts the roughly the same amount of cargo and passenger space as those high-end vehicles.

That's not the only time the car has been caught on camera. Earlier in the day, the automaker released its own photo of the vehicle sitting between a BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class to show just how much smaller it is than those sedans.

The company says the yet-to-be-seen-without-camouflage sedan will have a 300 mile range and potentially fully autonomous features when it launches. Unfortunately, there's no current information about when you'll actually be able to buy one.

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