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Fender's guitar apps will sync wirelessly with its new amp

The guitar maker will introduce Bluetooth gear next year.
Billy Steele
11.22.16 in AV

Fender revealed its plans for a suite of guitar apps back in August, but some of the software will also pair with one of the company's upcoming amps. According to Bloomberg, Fender has a new guitar amplifier in the works for 2017 that will connect to its apps wirelessly via Bluetooth. So far, the company's digital initiative has only released the Tune iOS app, but there are more options coming soon.

Bloomberg says the Bluetooth-equipped amp will work with software that allows users to change settings and share sounds with their fellow musicians from a mobile device. Another so-called "practice room" app will help novices learn to play any song in their collection. Fender is also developing an app that will emulate the signature tone of popular guitarists. The goal of having a suite of easy to use software it to lower the barrier of entry for new players while giving experienced pickers something to keep them interested. The previously released tuning app lends a hand to all skill levels, and it will be interesting to see how Fender continues to pad its digital arsenal with that being a primary goal.

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