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Google Docs could make writing that term paper a little easier

Formatting and inserting citations into a Doc, Sheet or Slide is only a tap away.

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Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Formatting and inserting citations are some of the worst parts of writing a term paper. But Google wants to help make that tedious process a little less soul-crushing. An upcoming update to G Suite will toss those attributions in as a footnote for a Doc, Sheet or Slide with a single tap. It's thanks in part to how the new, contextual "Explore" tab Google launched earlier this year works. It's a little confusing though, because screenshots in the blog post are from mobile web and there isn't any clarification if this is a desktop option as well.

But beyond that, the feature will format the citations in APA, Chicago or MLA styles. So, no matter what your professor requires you're probably covered here. This starts rolling out tomorrow for folks using G Suite for Education. You know, just in time for that final paper you've been putting off all semester long.

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