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Amazon's Music Unlimited family plan comes to the UK

Matt Brian, @m4tt
12.07.16 in AV

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When Amazon launched its unlimited music streaming subscription in the UK, it offered access to over 40 million tracks, thousands of curated playlists and tight integration with its Echo speaker. The one thing it didn't provide was a dedicated family plan like those offered by Spotify and Apple Music. It took more than three weeks, but Amazon has today extended its subscription to include a Family option -- it costs £15 a month or £149 for a full year and allows up to six people to stream to their heart's content.

Today's addition means Amazon customers now have four plans to choose from. Prime members can sign up for the standard service at £8 a month or £79 a year, but non-Prime subscribers pay a little extra at £10 a month. The cheaper £4 a month plan is reserved for a single Echo or Echo Dot, which incentivises sales of Amazon's intelligent speaker and gives it an edge over its streaming rivals.

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