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Best Data Modeling tool in the Market - ERwin


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What is Erwin?
Erwin is a Data Modeling and Database Design Application Case Tool working on Windows.

CA ERwin DM creates a blueprint for the enterprises to work on a design solution.

ERwin Data Modeler (ERwin) is a software tool for data modeling requirements of information systems that are custom developed. Its engine is based upon the IDEF1X method. It creates a blueprint for the enterprises to work on a design solution. Below is the diagram displayed with notations.

CA ERwin DM is more than just a drawing tool. It enables the design of the physical data model for the benefit of target server. This process enables to perform the step of forward engineer for the physical data model and thereby create physical database structures for the benefit of system catalog.

Key Features
ERwin Data Modeler key features aids organizations in managing their complex data infrastructure. Some of them include:

  • Visualization of Complex Data Structures: Visualizations of complex data structures are made available when data models are generated automatically.
  • Database Design Generation: Generation of database designs from visual models, help increase efficiency and lessen errors caused.
  • Model & Database Comparison: This tool automates and compares bidirectional synchronization of models, scripts and databases. It then displays differences, if any.
  • Reporting & Publication: The very intuitive point-and-click feature creates PDF, HTML and other reports for enabling both diagrams and metadata.
  • Integration & Metadata Exchange with Other Tools: Integrate ERwin models with numerous other projects such as BI tools, MDM hubs, (ETL) and (UML) tools.
  • Design Layer Architecture: ERwin enables flexibility to design model layers, using logical and physical models. These logical physical models can be chosen either separately or can be linked together to make the best implementation of style.
  • Standards Definition: Reusable standards enable organizations to evolve and control information assets in time effective format. ERwin supports these definition and maintenance of standards through the Domain Editor, and the Datatype Standards Editor.
  • Large Model Management: Managing large models through subject diagrams is made easy through ERwin. These models enable information exchange and integration on various stakeholders of organization.
  • Complete Compare: This tool helps in functioning of complete comparison of bidirectional synchronization of models, scripts and other databases.
  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart Design: ERwin governs and optimize data warehousing-specific modeling techniques for analyzing its performance.
Advantages of Erwin

ERwin is emerging as one of the most powerful tools. Some of its advantages can be summed up as:

  • Building a data model is much easier with this tool.
  • The scripts generated are undergone to minor post-processing before applying to databases.
ERwin, along with ER/Studio and PowerDesginer, allow:
  • design logical and physical data models,
  • print figures and shares them with developers and analysts,
  • generates database objects based on models,
  • reverse engineer models depending on existing databases, and
  • accumulate data models in version controlled repositories.
ERwin Data Modeling helps you:
  • Manage infrastructure of complex enterprise data
  • Maximize quality and minimize maintenance and development costs
  • Documents data definitions for aligning business with IT.
Job Trends
CA ERwin Modeling is an evolutionary concept. Its market is on rage and is still growing in the Cloud market. The cloud paradigm of CA ERwin enables the key essentials of data services, incremental database deployment and progressive data structure evolution.

The Job and Salary trends are predicted, as shown below:

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Companies are looking out for cloud-compatible database and CA ERwin fit the position in a right way that comprehends database architecture and business requirements as they relate to the database as data store and the database as a service. With an economical enterprise-class functionality, CA ERwin lessens the time spent dealing with complex database environments.

On a final note, it can be concluded that both technical and non-technical users find it pleasure to work with CA ERwin. The highly intuitive UI makes it extremely effective in presenting material in a helpful way.

CA ERwin earns an overall recommendation as the tool of choice for the average data modeler.

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