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    The Engadget Podcast Ep 20: I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down

    A look back at the biggest losers of 2016. In podcast form.

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    It's the last episode of the year and host Terrence O'Brien is closing things out with managing editor Dana Wollman and reviews editor Cherlynn Low. After looking at the biggest winners of 2016 last week, the crew is taking on the biggest losers. That means exploding phones, shady medical startups and trolls galore. Plus the standings for Flame Wars are finalized ahead of CES, so get ready 'cause things might get real weird next week.



    Winning %

    Christopher Trout 7 2 .777
    Mona Lalwani 3 1 .750
    Dana Wollman 12 9 .571
    Devindra Hardawar 15 12 .555
    Chris Velazco 3 3 .500
    Cherlynn Low 8 11 .421
    Nathan Ingraham 4 6 .400
    Michael Gorman 1 5 .167

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    You can check out every episode on The Engadget Podcast page in audio, video and text form for the hearing impaired.

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