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ReNu is an acoustic kit that sends calming vibes to your brain

The technology is a combination of microcurrent stimulation and binaural beats.
ReNu is an acoustic kit that sends calming vibes to your brain
Mona Lalwani
Mona Lalwani|@monalalwani|January 3, 2017 11:53 PM

Millions of Americans live with chronic or episodic anxiety. While technology has become one of the main contributors of that stress, it also has the potential to provide the solution. The market for stress-reducing technologies has been booming for a few years. NuCalm, from Solace Lifesciences, was first introduced in 2010 as a drug-free, stress-intervention system that moderated adrenaline levels in the body. The technology, which was adopted in clinical settings such as dental clinics over the past few years, now has a consumer headset version. At CES today, the company introduced ReNu, a stress-management kit that induces a deep slumber through a proprietary software.

While the company claims that ReNu's strength is a brain wave–tweaking software that rapidly reduces stress, the process starts with a surprising step that feels counterintuitive. Before users can experience the technology, they are required to use supplements in the form of a cream or chewable nutrients that the company claims are "all-natural amino acids." Next, they slip on the headset, which has a couple of small patches that need to be placed behind each ear. The patches produce microcurrents to rapidly increase the absorption of the nutrients. The stimulation is said to prepare the brain for the company's proprietary software, which is delivered in the form of binaural audio.

With a pair of regular headphones, users can access an accompanying app to access the binaural beats that tweak brain wave frequencies. Through the audio tracks, the company claims that ReNu can oscillate the frequency between alpha and theta zones -- essentially producing a state of deep relaxation and recovery to cope with a stressful day. The product is expected to officially launch later in the Fall this year.

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(Update: An earlier version of this article stated that ReNu includes noise-cancelling headphones. But, unlike the original NuCalm kit that comes with a JBL headset, users will have to make do with their own headphones for ReNu.)

ReNu is an acoustic kit that sends calming vibes to your brain